The Mission of Great Livin’, LLC is to provide a safe, supportive and structured living environment for people with developmental disabilities to exercise their right to make choices, grow, and contribute to their community.

This is accomplished by creating an environment that enhances the self-direction of individuals receiving services; maintaining open communication between staff, providers, and residents; insuring internal quality assurance through ongoing assessment; and increasing community awareness, understanding, and acceptance of individuals with developmental disabilities.

We strive to provide to each individual receiving services with:

  • Meaningful Day opportunities, and support of participation in activities and functions of community life, that are desired and chosen by the general population including:
    • Purposeful and meaningful work
    • Substantial and sustained opportunities for optimal health, self empowerment and personalized relationships
    • Skill development and/or maintenance
    • Social, educational and community inclusion activities that are directly linked to the vision, goals and desired personal outcomes documented in the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP)
  • Employment First opportunities for residents who are of working age by collaborating with the person and his/her IDT to emphasize employment as the priority of day service options. In cases where employment is not an immediate goal, Great Livin will work with the team in developing and implementing strategies to explore alternative options that may lead to employment such as volunteer activities, career exploration, situational assessments, further education, etc.
  • A safe, clean, comfortable, and well-maintained living environment.
  • Individual and/or group training designed to assist in the development of attitudes and skills that support independence and success for the people we serve.
  • Caring, dependable, and skilled staff that provides support and assistance that respects the individual’s dignity and rights.
  • Comprehensive documentation and ongoing assessment of needs and services in order to ensure the individual’s development, satisfaction, and success towards achievement of ISP goals.

Address: 2901 Juan Tabo NE
Suite 208
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Phone: 505-246-6971


Matt Poel, CEO Matt@GreatLivin.com
Dorit Stout, Operations Director Dorit@GreatLivin.com